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"Planet Water" cartoon contest in Humor at the Falls Cartoons Exhibition was held from 26-30 November 2003 in Foz de Iguaz˙, Brasil, just in the three frontiers of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The invited cartoonists were staying at a fabulous five stars hotel surrounded by jungle and butterflies, located very close - a ten minutes ride- from Foš de Iguass˙ (Brasil), Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay)- just across the bridge- and very close from the incredibly giant Cataratas del Iguaz˙ Iguaz˙ Waterfalls) shared by Brasil and Argentina.

We had a great time meeting with the most famous and talented Brazilian cartoonists and comics' authors, as JAL ( ACB-Brazilian Cartoonists Asociation leader and organizer of the event), Angeli, Maia, Gepp, Santiago, Henfil, Lailson, Gualberto Costa,Pryscila, Rodrigo Rosa, Laerte, Allan Sieber, J˘ Oliveira, Ricky Goodwin, Albert PiauÝ, Orlando Pedroso and Ziraldo. There were also cartoonists invited from another countries like Tomy from Cuba, Tunda from Uruguay, Carlos Nine and Ana von Rebeur from Argentina and Gilbert Sheldon (USA) - "Freak Brothers" and "Zap" author - now living in Paris, France,with is talented wife, a cartoonist and litterary agent herself, Lora Fountain.

There have been another interesting lectures and workshops, as: "Humor cinema", "Cartoons Festivals in Brazil"; "How I became a cartoonist" by Ziraldo, "Alternative fanzines", and " Acadamic Research on Graphic Arts", given by professors of brazilian Communications School as Valdomiro Vergueiro and Sonia Luyten( expert in japanese Manga , married to Joseph, a Dutch expert in "cordel" folk brazilian literature). JAL and Fred ( ACB) and Ana von Rebeur (FECO Argentina) gave a lecture about Cartoonist Organizations ( what they do, what they should do ), in which we realised that we must joint efforts to make bigger things.We met the founders of O Pasquim, the mythical satirical brazilian magazine that defied censorship during the Military Government, relaunched again in these times of democracy. The director of the magazine, Ziraldo , uses his amazing popularity gained in 50 years of being cartoonist, to speak the importance of racial tolerance.

The opening ceremony was opened by Rogerio Romario ( organizer) , the State Governor Roberto Requiao, Foz City Major, and Minister of Torurism who annouced and gave the awards. Following, Caruso twin brothers cartoonists┤band - Chico and Pablo-made songs called " musical cartoons" , with Bin Laden , president Bush, and all brazilian presidents. Members of Brazilian Caricaturists Association made caricature of the assistants while cartoons were projected on the walls . We ended in a climate of comradeship sharing anecdotes about bossa nova, cemmeteries of the world, macumba rituals, Turkish cartoons festivals and Fabriano papers, while singing old songs till 3 in the morning.

We were given T Shirts with the logo of the exhibition ,and the most amazing thing was that the guest cartoonists were paid for being there. The exhibition was shown in a huge convention center, with custom made panels for the ocassion.

They┤ve received ( via e-mail) 2742 works from 72 countries in a record time of three months in advance .The jury selected 300 cartoons, some apotheotical, some very funny and some showing overwhelming compassion. The Jury decided to award the ones who would give the most sinthetic idea of water as a precious element that should be saved and taken care of . The selected participants will get a catalogue with 25 selected cartoons. Under the motto " Where there is humor , there isn┤t terror" - imagined by celebrated cartoonist Ziraldo - it was clear that the goal of the exhibition is to change the image of the region ,suspected of having a neglectful customs system that overlooks explosives smuggling from the duty free city of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, just across the bridge.

Anyway, Iguaz˙ Falls is one of the strongest turistic attractions in South America , and this magnificent exhibition is a perfect excuse to visit such a fantastic place .

The idea of using a humor festival as a touristic magnet or for promotion of a certain region is a one that should be followed everywhere. We were shown around, and we strolled inside the Birds Park (Parque das Aves) a giant aviary of birds from all the world, and with "tucanes" who like to undo your shoes┤ laces. We also had a Light and Sound night show at giant Itaip˙ Dam on Paranß river.

We were amazed at the view if the Iguaz˙ Falls , and we had lunch in a restaurant in the bank of Iguaz˙ river, from where we left, one by one, to the airport, hoping that the promise made by the Minister of Tourism will be fulfilled : that this cartoons contest will be part of the provincial annual touristic shedule .We got a lot of attention of the media, and the event was in the cover of regional newspapersand by several TV channels. We are eager to be there again next year. And , fellows , keep in mind that is one of the few festivals in which you send your works by e-mail ( no post expenses) and in which you get rich prizes!

The winners are :
1- Yurij Ochacovsky - Israel (Russian) $ 10000
2- Santiago - Brasil $ 5000
3- Turcios - Spain (Colombian) $ 3000
4- Flßvio Luiz - Brasil $ 1500
5- Rucke - Brasil $ 500

Congratulations to them all, and please put a "Five hearts/ five smiling faces" rate in our list of international cartoon.

The first prize shows a strong image of a brown dry round world with a water well on top of it. a man peeping inside . On the bottom, you see a bucket hanging from a rope, like ita has went all through the other side of the world looking for water in vain.

Second prize shows a lamb trying to drink from a stream in a wood , while a war tank with a menacing wolf inside points at it . ( Santiago did a better work of Moses diving the Red Sea hurrying up a woman who is delayed in the middle of the path happily picking up shells from the floor)

The were lots of lifesavers, Noahs arks, water drops, piggy banks with water ( one was winner) , fishes with gas masks, and fishes trying to drink the last drop from a bottle of mineral water falling from a river. Ther was a good cartoon of delirious Luigi Rocco ( Sao Paulo , Brasil ) work of an indian chief re- reading with a puzzled expression " Hot to make rain in 10 classes", surrounded by indian killed by a rain of Victorinox flickknives. Or the beautiful raindrops with bar code by Heringer of Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Once again, cartoonists from all the world agreed that the biggest obstacle in developing our art is that it is not yet considered art , or part of the culture of one┤s country. There fores, they have top workd on anything else to live, beacuse they cannot malke a living on cartoons ( except in cases as Xiraldo, who togeteher with two other cartoonists sold 20 million public school textbooks in the last years) .This results on the forced exile of thousand of cartoonists from their native countries to countries where cratoons are considered an arte, and payed likewise, as are France, Italy and Spain. Together, we will work to give cartoons the cultural place it deserves.