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The Publishing house TRAG, as the founder, and the Council of Zemun International Salon of Caricature are inviting entries from all over the world, to take part in contest on the 9. Zemun International Salon of Caricature.


1. The themes of the 2004 Salon are

I. Theater and film
Try to find funny and comic aspects of the theatre and film through history, or draw caricatures of famous actors

II. Free theme

2. Participation in the SALON is free of charge.

3. Each participant can send a maximum of 6 (six) drawings – 3 (three) for each theme.

4. Dimensions of each drawing must be between Minimum A4 (210 x 297 mm) and Maximum A3 (297 x 420 mm).

5. Choice of technique and medium is open, but all drawings must be original. Photocopies are not accepted. Drawings should be self-explanatory, without titles or subtitles. Works previously submitted to other exhibitions or published in newspapers or books are excluded. Plagiarized cartoons will be excluded from the competition. Cartoons which do not satisfy the above qualifications will not be accepted.

6. Each drawing should bear the signature or mark of the artist and their name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail address, if any, on the back. Works should be accompanied by the author’s photo or caricature and a short basic biography in English, including date of birth, education, profession, citizenship, awards, publications and exhibitions. Entry form is not necessary

7. Works should be adequately packed to avoid damage. Any transport damage is the responsibility of the sender. Drawings should not be framed in any way. Please send drawings packed flat without rolling or folding.

8. Send all drawings to:

Sindjeliceva 20
P.O.B. 74
11080 Zemun

9. All drawings should reach the Salon by
1st April, 2004.

10. All entries will be examined until 25th April, 2004, by an International Jury of representatives from the world of art, culture and public institutions. The decision of the Jury is final.

11. The Jury will award the following prizes:

First Prize: 1.000 Euro and a trophy
Second Prize: 750 Euro and a trophy
Third Prize: 500 Euro and a trophy

Other prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the Jurors.

12. Selected works recommended by the Jury will be exhibited in Zemun and taken for exhibition to selected cities and towns in Serbia and Montenegro.

13. The opening of the exhibition and distribution of prizes will be on 8th June, 2004. Prize winners from outside Zemun will have their travel-air or surface as appropriate - and three-days’ accommodation in Zemun paid by the Salon. Vouchers will be issued for one person for appropriate travel and accommodation.

ALL PARTICIPANTS will get free of charge a catalogue of the 2004 Salon.

15. All of the drawings received the Secretary’s office of the Salon become the property of the Salon and remain in the possession of the organizer and will be registered and included in the collection of the Caricature Museum of Zemun. The drawings will be returned on request.

16. Please address any communications to:

Tel/Fax +38 111 613 107
email: trag@beotel.yu

By submitting his or her works, the artist accepts the rules and regulations of the Salon as printed above and the decisions of the Jurors.

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Please inform any cartoonist friend and colleagues - whose addresses we might not know - of our competition. All are welcome!