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Call for participation

After publishing an anti-nazi calendar, thematic issues on human rights, ecology, handicap, sexuality and madness, Stripburger is now proceeding towards the most atrocious thematic field yet: WAR.

Stripburger - war edition aims to expose the phenomenon of war and all its consequences through the medium of comic. We want authors to disclose, expose, illustrate and problematise the absurdity of war, reasons of war, war-time violence, war profiteering, war crimes, war against terrorism/state violence, NATO, imperialism, occupation, warmonging, genocide, draft and everything else connected to war in any kind of way. Don't be afraid to unveil the overlooked aspects of war!

The use of actual wars, actual conflicts, occupations, crimes etc, current or future, is not necessary but is nevertheless welcome. In any way we expect authors to exceed the usual stereotypes and racist prejudice of media discourse and take a tougher stand towards the given problem. Original style and interpretation of the topic is essential! In spite of the gloominess of the topic, the comics with a lot of humor and irony are especially welcome.

For a big part of the Western world the horribleness and the tragedy of war have disintegrated into apathy of constant media consuming. Stripburger's intention is quite the opposite. The goal of Stripburger's War edition is to release and evolve the political and activist potentials of comic media and contribute to peace and understanding in a world separated into the rich and the poor and torn with wars and violence.

The deadline is 15th April !

Authors should add their full address, e-mail, web-page (if they happen to have one) and a short autobiography (no more than 100 words). Best comics will be published in an anthology comic book. The selection of the comics will be carried out by Stripburger editorial board and members of the Peace Institute Ljubljana. The best 7 artists will receive award of 100 euros each.

Send A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) format black and white photocopies (do not send original artwork!) or .tif files on a CD (600 pixels/inch for black and white line-art comics or 300 pixels/inch for grayscale comics). No MAC CDs please. You can also e-mail your comics to, where you can also write to us should you have any questions.

The Peace Institute is our partner at this project and you can find something about them and their view of the project below.

Your Stripburger

Strip Core c/o Forum Ljubljana
Metelkova 6/I
SI - 1000 Ljubljana
tel.: +386 1 2319662
fax: +386 1 4338074

The Peace Institute, founded in 1991, is a non-profit research institution dedicated to contemporary social and political studies and interdisciplinary research in the fields of sociology, anthropology, political science and philosophy. Our activities are not limited to the critical assessment of social phenomena, but also include active intervention. We endeavor to combine academic research with practical education and strategic counseling services in various fields of politics and public activities.

The cold war is continuing. It's the simplest explanation of the events following the September 11th, 2001. The most powerful and the most armed state in the world took the last of the brakes off. The balance of military power between the former Soviet Union and the USA in times of the "cold war" was based on mutual fear: active military intervention of one of the two "super-power" states would probably mean a nuclear war. Nowadays the "balance" is not a product of the balance of power or fear; rather it is a demonstration of the superior force of a single dominant player in the world politics. How is it possible to keep peace, security and collaboration in the world of today, where "suicidal" attacks are a normal thing, while retaliatory military interventions are performed as "cleaning" of entire countries? Why are the countries of the former Soviet block so enthusiastic about the new military club, when they have just recently got rid of the former "big brother's" yoke? Why is there not a single (influential) parliamentary party in Slovenia, which would be ready to represent the voters - according to opinion pools, approximately half of all eligible voters in the country - who would vote against joining NATO at the national referendum? With this project we want to provoke the strip artists to comment on those and similar questions. It would be really interesting to see if it is possible to "translate" these crucial questions into an artistic medium. In this case it is the medium of strip, while in the case of a parallel project (in collaboration with the rock music band "Elephant and Fruit") we will see it in the medium of music. What does NATO have to do with strip and popular music? We don't know, but would like to be taken by surprise.